An Update

Hello faithful readers! I want to apologize for our absence since the end of April. As it turns out, May and June were pretty crazy months for us. As most of you are aware, Fort McMurray was evacuated on May 3rd because of wildfires. Though we don’t live there anymore, all of Rosey’s family and a lot of our friends still do. We have been richly blessed with plenty of land and so Barefoot Meadows became the landing spot for a lot of displaced people.

I won’t bore you with all the details but I do want to give a shout out to the following:

  • our neighbours, Harvey and Darlene Sharp, Scott and Dora Sharp and the folks from Dreaming Creek Farm
  • the community of Winfield and surrounding area
  • the shop students of Frank Maddock High School in Drayton Valley, as well as their teacher and awesome principal
  • Barbara White from Hidden Springs
  • Elisabeth from R Farm in Lacombe(and the huge list of people/businesses that sent stuff with her)

I apologize to anyone I may have forgotten. It’s not easy to have an unexpected influx of guests but these people and their generosity made it an easier burden to bear.


Since our absence from posting, our farm family has grown. Let me introduce to you:

Whitey(this is what happens when children name animals)


Licorice who is pregnant (I’m very thankful she was named before she came)


Even Jude has been getting in on the action, milking Whitey


Of course one of the joys of having an abundance of goat milk is the ability to make cheese! Meet the cheesemaker:



We have some more updates coming soon but bye for now!


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