Introducing Truffle – A Post by Jude

I’ve wanted a horsie for years. When I’m with horsies I feel happy. So I started collecting cans, bottles and milk jugs and once a week brought them to the depot. The Starbucks ladies were the biggest help you could imagine. They helped by giving  us milk jugs. This morning we got our very first horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meet Truffle!!!!! This evening we went for our first ride on Truffle!!!!!

image image image

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2 Responses to Introducing Truffle – A Post by Jude

  1. Auntie Jerri says:

    Congratulations Jude! That’s amazing 🙂 he looks like a truffle.

  2. Matthew says:

    Way to go Jude! Love the name, such a beautiful horse!

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