Hi. My name, and most frequent appellation, is “Rose.” Jude would be quick to point out that Daddy sometimes calls me “Rosey,” so I guess I’d better add that in as well. I’m mother to two wonderful boys (so far!), and am wife to the fabulous, funny, and sometimes frenzied man that I like to call “Mr. Barley.” ┬áThis is my blog.

Why would a busy mum start blogging about her life? Well, it’s a longish story. Here’s the short version:

Andrew and I were married before my second year of university. I immediately got pregnant. Oops. I knew that if I quit school when our baby arrived I would never finish. So, after Jude was born in July, I got ready to continue on with school, a husband and a (VERY!) colicky baby. Ok. Here’s where it gets relevant. At the time, I was taking a creative writing course which had a journaling component. Guess what almost all of my journals were about? Yup, you got it – my little fella, me in relation to my little fella, or… maybe… ┬ánope, I think that was it. Anyways, once I graduated, I had a moment (or two) to breathe and realized that I was missing things. I’d been going through life at a breakneck, busy-busy-busy pace and could barely remember all sorts of things I’d vowed never to forget.

That was a sad day. Now, with the birth of our second son, Milo, I have decided to commit to this blog. It will be the receptacle for my feelings, memories and ideas on this journey. (I may even subject you readers to my more creative endeavours.)

In June of 2011 we lost our little Milo – rather, he went on ahead to heaven a little early. I still plan to use this blog to record some of our barefoot adventures, especially now that Elijah was recently added to the mix.


This blog is a footwear-free zone. Kick off your shoes, wiggle your toes (I sure am) and run barefoot through the virtual grass! This is a place where (I hope!) you can be inspired to get outside and enjoy the simple things… uh oh. There I go. I should warn you – I tend to ramble…


Jude – son – July/2007
Milo – son – April 21, 2010 – June 26, 2011
Elijah – son – July/2012

Andrew – husband – June/sometime during the latter part of the 20th century


Email: rabarley@gmail.com

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